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Protecting the currency of the 21st Century – your data.

Why Reclamere?

Reclamere is one of the leading data destruction and data security companies in the business. When you hire Reclamere, you gain a team of highly skilled professionals that tailor every service to your organization’s needs.

What also makes us unique is our impeccable quality control around data destruction. In fact, we guarantee you will be satisfied if you entrust us with your security needs.    

With Reclamere, you gain:  

Security—We take the time to manage properly all of your IT Assets, ensuring your chain of custody and peace of mind.

Professionalism—The goal is for our team to feel like your team. We are easy to work with and strive to surpass your expectations in terms of customer service.

Expertise—Our high level of experience, agility and data security expertise allows us to custom-fit big business solutions to your small business needs.

Trust—Our clients know their data, one of their most important assets, is in solid hands with Reclamere. We have worked hard to earn their trust over the past 14 years.


$1 Million Guarantee

Reclamere is one of the only data security company in Pennsylvania that offers a $1 million downstream data insurance guarantee .

What does that mean? In the unlikely event that a data breach occurs at Reclamere, you, your clients, and anybody else affected by the breach are covered by our $1 Million Downstream Data Liability Coverage Policy*.

*Underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Client Testimonials

Beware of "Free"

You have many options when it comes to recycling your electronic hardware and the data it holds. Some offers are free, but the no-cost way is not always the best way for several reasons:

  1. Your data may be exposed.

Absolutely no one is destroying your data for free in a standards-compliant manner! If they tell you they are, they are probably being dishonest because secure data destruction costs money. If you want to make sure your data is not going to be exposed, stay away from “free” services.

  1. You may not be environmentally compliant.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the electronics recycling business plays by the rules. By going with a free option, particularly if you don’t conduct due diligence on your selected vendor, your electronics could end up in a landfill, a river, or a number of other non-environmentally compliant locations.

  1. You may expose yourself to unnecessary liability.

Typically, electronics recyclers that offer to take your electronics at no charge do not have liability insurance and other coverage necessary to protect you.