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Data Security 360


Our evolutionary data destruction delivery model is the result of listening to you, our customers, and your most vital security needs and concerns. In one powerful package, Data Security 360 offers the highest caliber of services and resources to solve your most challenging data destruction and security issues.

Take an inside look at our Data Security 360 program with Reclamere Founder and President, Joe Harford.

Data Security 360 focuses on hardware management, security consulting and compliance management. The program includes:

  • One-year of pickups at a requested interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or biannual). We'll remove your end-of-life equipment from a specified location through our subscription model.
  • Secured loading bins at your location(s) to preserve chain of custody
    • Bin measurements: 77" tall by 45" wide by 27 1/2" deep
  • $1 million downstream data insurance guarantee
  • Unlimited certificates for the compliance requirements of your industry
  • Free “SNAP” annual risk assessment by our forensics team
  • Free appraisal of your decommissioned equipment and buyback at the appraised rate or issuances of a certificate of appraisal
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response from our forensics team in case of data emergency

All data is digitally destroyed in accordance with NIST standards and hardware recycled in compliance with EPA, DEP, ISO 14001, as well as all national and most international regulations.