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Data Security Consulting


Understanding data security is crucial to any organization. Unfortunately, many companies wait until a security crisis hits before putting systems in place. It’s hard to prepare for an event that hasn’t happened—and that you don’t want to happen.

Bottom line is you must be prepared so you can respond effectively and efficiently and minimize the impact on your business. The other goal is to restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

Let Reclamere help you prepare. We will start with an audit of your current processes to see if you are meeting all regulatory requirements for data security. Next, we will determine how prepared you are to handle an incident.

Our consulting services are both pre- and post-breach. Of course, coming to us pre-breach is the best option, but if you need assistance after a breach has occurred, we will:

  • Assess the Situation – Reclamere will conduct interviews with staff to develop a timeline and get answers to the important questions both pre- and post-incident.
  • Identify Client Goals – Reclamere wants to work with you, not against you. What are your organization’s goals? What processes are already in place? If an incident already happened, are we trying to determine if the breach is reportable in accordance with privacy laws? Are we trying to determine any data loss or provide a bill of health?
  • Implement Preservation – At the time of an event, Reclamere’s certified engineers will collect forensically sound evidence and document the evidence to ensure the investigation is defensible in court.
  • Conduct Analysis – The evidence will be securely transported to Reclamere’s data forensics lab. Analysis will be performed to achieve our goals.
  • Provide a Report – At the end of the investigation, Reclamere will provide you with a Certified Forensic Report. The report will provide details of the incident, results of the analysis, and recommendations to prevent future security incidents.
  • Conduct Post-Mortem Monitoring – As a follow-up, Reclamere will monitor your organization’s systems to minimize the impact of a returning attacker or any future security incidents.