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IT Asset Management


Certified Data Destruction

Reclamere’ s Data Security Experts are a team of highly skilled individuals, trained to capture, secure and completely destroy the data contained within your computer and other technology equipment such as printers, smart phones and tablets.

Why We Excel

100% Quality Control — on every storage device. Reclamere:

  • follows National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommendations
  • performs physical and digital data destruction daily at our headquarters
  • performs onsite data destruction at client facilities in the field

Top-Notch Customer Service — that makes every client feel unique.

Cost-effective Solutions — that comply with all legal privacy standards.

100% Data Erasure — from storage devices with our proprietary process that exceeds standards set by the Department of Defense (DOD).

Regular Check-ups — to ensure our process is functioning at the highest level of security. Reclamere’s process also is verified by NAID in unannounced audits.  


Secure eCycling

Data security, from cradle to retirement, is increasingly important to our clients. As trained, NAID-approved staff members, Reclamere’s team ensures security from the time your equipment leaves your organization to “lock down” at our secure warehouse facility. Our process and professionalism give you peace of mind.

Reclamere also cares about the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint. Reclamere’s R2 and ISO 14001 certifications show our commitment to ensuring no electronic equipment ends up in a landfill.


Auditing and Reporting

Let us protect you! In today’s world of regulations and compliance, any changes related to data and its destruction require a paper trail. When Reclamere accepts your organization’s end-of-life equipment, we certify our services so when the auditors come, you have the required documentation.

Reclamere certifies the following services:

  • Asset Tag Removal
  • Digital Data Destruction
  • Physical Data Destruction
  • Magnetic Media Destruction
  • Inventory Reporting


Imaging and Deployment

In today’s complex IT environment, setting standards and following them are an effective way to streamline and cut costs.  

Have you thought about doing this for your operating systems? Managing the imaging and deployment of devices across an enterprise can be time-consuming and costly for your IT department.

Reclamere’s team is highly skilled in the imaging and deployment of a variety of operating systems across a wide range of computer hardware. We will ensure that if the new device is replacing a current device, the old device is returned to our facility for 100% data destruction and electronic recycling including certification back to you, the customer.

This process is affordable and secure, allowing your IT people to focus on other high-priority tasks within your organization.


Data Recovery

We understand the impact the loss of data or a security breach can have on an organization. When disaster strikes, you need fast, reliable data recovery service. Our data security experts specialize in Complex RAID Arrays and email archive recoveries; and can offer timely, innovative solutions to address your unique situation for successful data recovery and elimination of potential data security risks.

With a high success rate, Reclamere, is a proven leader in data security and data recovery services. If your system fails, Reclamere will be there to retrieve and recover your data information systems with comprehensive, confidential data recovery solutions.