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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 22 – Morgan Stanley Data Breach and the ITAM Industry

CEO Angie Singer Keating and President Joe Harford discuss a lawsuit filed by Morgan Stanley in which it is alleged that an ITAM vendor hired to remove customers’ data from a decommissioned data center failed to fully ‘wipe clean’ the hard drives and that “certain devices believed to have been wiped of all information still…
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 21 – Chatting with Connie Mastovich, Senior Security Analyst

Reclamere Senior Security Analyst Connie Mastovich is Joe’s guest on this episode of Data Security Over Coffee.
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 20 – Chatting with Colin Scott, Sr. Account Executive

Fun and excitement… presented by the Sales Team at Reclamere.
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 19 – The Challenges of Working During the Pandemic

Today Joe Harford talks with Randy Sciarrillo, Reclamere’s Director of Cyber Security Operations and Services, about the challenges of working during the pandemic.
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 18 – Continuing in Quarantine

Angie and Joe in quarantine continue to pontificate on all things big and small.
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 17 – Social Distancing during Pandemic

It’s been 2 years since we’ve done our popular Data Security Over Coffee series. Angie and Joe share how it’s going during the pandemic, what’s challenging our clients, and how they are coping as business owners. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends, family, and co-workers. Stay safe…
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