Certified Data Destruction

Certified Data Destruction Data center to be decomissioned by Reclamere

Do you have a certified data destruction process to protect sensitive, proprietary, or regulated data? We’ve got you covered…Guaranteed!

The only way to be sure that your company’s proprietary information, confidential client, customer, or patient information, or any valuable intellectual property does not fall into the wrong hands is to have a certified data destruction process that works. Reclamere ensures that your sensitive information is secure and cannot be retrieved by anyone.

The data security experts at Reclamere are a team of highly skilled individuals, trained to capture, secure, and completely destroy the data contained within your computer and other technology equipment such as printers, smartphones, and tablets.

We Erase 100% of Your Business Data with Certified Data Destruction

At Reclamere, we perform a 100% Quality Control procedure on every storage device we wipe. No other company performs such a comprehensive data erasure program.

Reclamere adheres to recommendations from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), perform physical and digital data destruction on a daily basis at our Corporate Headquarters located outside of State College, Pennsylvania, as well as performing on-site data destruction at client facilities in the field.

Certified Data Destruction is included in our Data Security 360 program, which combines Reclamere’s most powerful services and resources in one comprehensive data security package.

Reclamere is committed to providing a high level of customer service along with cost-effective destruction and shredding services that comply with all legal privacy standards. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise allow us to identify your organization’s challenges and tailor our services to meet your unique data destruction needs.

Reclamere ensures ALL data is erased from storage devices utilizing our proprietary process that currently exceeds the standards and requirements set by the Department of Defense (DOD). Our 100% Quality Control process verifies that every bit ant byte of the storage device has been erased.

On a quarterly basis, drives are sent to an outside source to verify that our process is still functioning properly. Reclamere’s process is also verified by NAID when they conduct their unannounced audits. Reclamere has years of proof our process WORKS.

Trust Reclamere to ensure your data is handled appropriately and confidentially, so data destruction doesn’t consume your time – just your data!

If you want to engage in a conversation about shredding or certified data destruction at your organization, give us a call at 814-684-5505 or fill out the form on this page.

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