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Making the Case for SMB Agility

The last two years have been a bumpy ride for organizations of all sizes globally. During this time, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were hit the worst. Since most SMBs have limited cash and resources, setbacks were much more severe for them than for big corporations with more resources. Irrespective of whether your company had…
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The Current State of Cybersecurity: Reclamere’s Testimony to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Hear from Reclamere’s president & founder, Joe Harford, on the current state of cybersecurity & risks to be aware of. Written Testimony of Joseph P. Harford, Ph.D., CSDS Founder and President, Reclamere, Inc. Pennsylvania House Majority Policy Committee Chairman Causer and members of the House Majority Policy Committee. Thank you so much for the opportunity…
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E-waste Matters in Earth Day Topics

I recently read a 2022 report that shared, 31% of consumers throw away old electronics with their household garbage or mix them with recyclables like metal and plastic. Because we are in the business of properly disposing of electronics, that surprises us. We assume that everyone knows that you don’t do that. Most households have…
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Common Scalability Mistakes SMBs Make

Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are stretched for time and resources, due to which they may end up rushing through process implementations, technology upgrades and new hire training. Inevitably, this results in botched executions and a foundation that doesn’t support sustainable scalability. Sustainable scaling allows you to scale up or down as needed and…
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Aligning People, Processes and Technology to Scale

Your company operates in a turbulent business environment where new technologies are reshaping industries, customer preferences are evolving rapidly and geopolitical equations are shifting dramatically. If you’re struggling to adapt to these quick and challenging transitions, you’re not alone. To tackle these issues as soon as possible, some corporate executives resort to quick fixes that…
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