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Stepping Up Your Cybersecurity With Defense in Depth (DiD)

When the pandemic hit, businesses all over the globe had to shift to remote work almost overnight. Now, with the vaccine rollout in full swing, the hybrid work model is gaining popularity. This allows employees to work from home, the office or split their time between both. According to a report, close to 65% of…
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Defense in Depth (DiD): Think Like a Hacker

The current threat landscape is rapidly advancing, with cybercriminals constantly upgrading their toolset to break through security defenses. If you want to outsmart malicious hackers, it’s time to start thinking like them. Fend them off with various layered defense methods. This is what Defense in Depth (DiD) is all about. The National Institute of Standards…
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IT Asset Management Teams (of All Sizes) MUST Remain Vigilant

In our previous (August 2021) blogs, we revisited that Critical Infrastructure (CI) comprises both physical and cyber assets. Like cities and countries, this infrastructure exists within your organization – both on-site and in virtual environments. While cybercriminals may be seeking to harm a region or country by taking out critical infrastructure, they are also both…
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 26 – Data Breaches & Incident Response Planning (IRP)

In this episode of Data Security over Coffee, listen to our president & founder, Joe Harford, and Cliff Whitcomb, IT Administrator at Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. discuss data breaches & the importance of incident response planning (IRP).
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5 Ways to Combine Compliance & Cybersecurity Best Practices to Improve Outcomes

When you run a business, compliance and security are two essential factors. Both are equally important for the seamless operation of your business. While compliance helps your business stay within the limits of industry or government regulations, security protects the integrity of your business and sensitive data. It is worth noting that although security is…
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