Developing a Migration Plan for
Windows Server 2008, Part 1

Although a variety of factors go into the migration decision-making process, most firms will arrive at one of a few prominent options. Developing a server migration plan for your firm can seem like a daunting task, but although the process is important most firms will arrive at one of several popular options: Off-siting existing servers…
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4 Factors to Consider for Firms Using
Windows Server 2008

Release and R2 versions of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 ended their service life cycle in February 2020, and firms still relying on them should consider more than just the heightened risk of security and data breaches. In the previous series of articles, we examined some of the key factors that go into…
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Developing a Windows 10 Migration Plan

For the majority of organizations, migrating to Windows 10 as quickly as reasonably possible is likely the best decision from both a cost-efficiency and security standpoint. As we covered in last week’s article, some organizations that rely on specific legacy hardware or software (as well as a few other niche use cases) may need to…
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Maintaining Windows 7 through 2020-2022

Although most firms will find migration to Windows 10 more cost-efficient, maintaining Windows 7 remains an option through as late as 2022. For most firms that still utilize Windows 7 devices, timely migration to Windows 10 is the safest and most cost-efficient option. Although Windows 7 support has been phased out for most devices, though,…
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Windows 7: Maintenance Versus Migration

There are various risk and cost factors that should be considered before deciding whether migration or delayed migration is the right choice for your firm. With the recent phasing out of regular security updates for Windows 7, many firms are faced with a major question: How can we proceed in a cost-efficient manner without sacrificing…
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