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2016 is a record year for Reclamere on many fronts. As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary as a company, I’d like to point with pride to some of the peaks on our growth chart.

We have a record number of customers for DS360, the service that helps companies with data security compliance by securing equipment at its most vulnerable stage: end-of-life, and destroying its data in a documented, verifiable process.

We have a record number of clients involved in Healthcare risk assessment.

We are growing quickly in the financial services sector as well.

Reclamere has also created and launched more standardized products than ever before; packages of services that neatly fulfill the federal requirements for data destruction in healthcare and financial verticals, and the state mandates that are beginning to appear for all businesses that handle customer data. These products include MS360, a new package of services that takes care of all of the essential steps necessary to safely and securely exchange old hardware for new. Today, when IT departments have no spare hands for the chores of unboxing, inventorying, asset tagging, RMA handling — not to mention the secure disposal of outdated hardware — we are finding a market eager for this package.

A constant drumbeat of data breaches in the news has also woken many organizations up to the danger of reactive approaches to data security. Regulatory fines are in the millions. HIPAA violations run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many companies have learned, to their regret, that cybersecurity insurance doesn’t buy the coverage that they think it does. Neither does the “business associate” designation of their vendors absolve them, the client, of responsibility when third parties leave back doors open, as happened in the front-page Target case. Presidents and CEOs of major healthcare systems and retailers alike are realizing that they have to pay attention.

When we began in 2001, Reclamere was focused on being a really good regional electronics recycler. The idea was keeping your equipment from ending up in landfills. Today, we’ve widened our scope tremendously. Reclamere is now a company that helps clients manage the entire data lifecycle. Every single thing that we do — our processes, our proprietary software, our pickup and delivery, and our guarantees — has a security focus.

The payoff is that our clients have a sole-source provider with the expertise they can rely on to get the job done. Through our deep involvement in the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), we not only stay on top of trends and developments in the industry, we help set the standard for professional certification.

Finally, we are also getting ready for our first-ever users conference Sept. 22 at the Ben Franklin Institute in University Park, PA. Two full workshops will deliver critical information on data security for healthcare providers and anyone who’s ever had to assess a “business associate” vendor. Qualifying attendees may also earn CEU credit.

The users conference is also meant to showcase how Reclamere has evolved into the data security experts we have become, and share our vision for the future. Because in that future, we evolve from vendor to partner — an organization as completely invested in your security as you are.

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