Chain of Custody & Asset Inventory in IT Asset Disposition

The threat of data breach remains a constant and growing concern for all types of organizations. Today’s thieves are determined and vigilant, so proper data device destruction is crucial. Efficiently tracking chain of custody and asset inventory in IT asset disposition is a valuable way to safeguard your sensitive information.

A chain of custody report ensures IT assets identified for disposition are handled properly throughout the process.

Chain of Custody Risk Reduction

  • Location Reporting: One report manages asset tracking, location and change of hands. This means every aspect of the disposition process is recorded in one location for easy analysis. In the event of data breach, this report can aid authorities in locating the culprit of the breach and the missing storage device.
  • Accountability: Each individual within the chain of custody is accountable for the assets sent out for destruction.
  • Value of Process: With chain of custody in place, you know where your assets are at all times. This increased awareness of security protocols means theft is less likely to occur during asset transport.
  • Inventory Management: In the event an asset goes missing, the chain of custody can help analysts and management define which device is missing as well as its contents. Thus, the board can develop swift, risk-mitigating strategies to avoid catastrophe.
  • Reliability: Because chain of custody reporting is systematic, it gives you a simple and effective data destruction solution. You simply apply the same chain of custody plan to each asset.

For more information on how you can benefit from Reclamere’s data device destruction services, visit our IT Asset Management services.

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