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Fines, Penalties and Violations! Oh My!

Global data protection regulations (new or updated) are being enforced aggressively, resulting in a tsunami of hefty fines and penalties handed out to violators. The majority of these violations are a result of the failure to conduct regular ​risk assessments​, which form an integral part of the ‘appropriate measures’ a business must take to ensure…
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Making Ongoing Risk Management an Operational Standard

No business today is 100 percent secure from cyberthreats and more businesses are waking up to this reality now than ever before. It’s no wonder cybersecurity investment in 2020 is pegged to grow by 5.6 percent to reach nearly $43.1 billion in value.1​ ​With cyberattacks surging due to widespread remote work and increased online interactions…
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Do You Know Your Digital Risk?

Rapid technological advancement and rising global connectivity is reshaping the way the world is functioning. From higher productivity to improved customer satisfaction, technology has played a critical role in the growth of businesses across the world. However, the consequential bad news is that technological advancements have also made organizations increasingly vulnerable to digital risks. However,…
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Compliance Made Simple

Reclamere’s Cybersecurity Experts make compliance for highly-regulated businesses simple. Get the peace of mind you need. Just schedule your no-cost 30-minute consultation with one of our virtual Chief Security Officers to get started.
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Why Your Business Needs a Data Security Policy

Today, the competitive business environment is data-driven. Data provides key insights into your customers and business performance that helps you make better decisions and improve processes. However, the sudden influx of employees working remotely exposes your organization’s information to several security threats. According to the FBI, cybersecurity complaints increased from 1,000 to 4,000 complaints daily…
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