Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 22 – Morgan Stanley Data Breach and the ITAM Industry

CEO Angie Singer Keating and President Joe Harford discuss a lawsuit filed by Morgan Stanley in which it is alleged that an ITAM vendor hired to remove customers’ data from a decommissioned data center failed to fully ‘wipe clean’ the hard drives and that “certain devices believed to have been wiped of all information still…
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Guest Column – Altoona Mirror

Reclamere President Joe Harford was asked to write a guest column about Cyber Security Awareness for the Blair County Chamber of Commerce and the Altoona Mirror’s Business Insights page. This article was published on September 28, 2020. “You clicked on what?” An all too common phrase that employees will hear from the company’s computer team.…
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How To Secure Your Web Browsers and Defend Against Malvertising

The following information is taken directly from the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Overview Organizations across the nation have expanded telework options to keep staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, this shift has increased opportunities for adversaries to gain unauthorized access to teleworkers’ system endpoints—this includes their web browsing capabilities. One method…
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Top 7 weirdest, meanest and dumbest hacks of all time

stupid hackers
Originally written by Neil Weinberg for  Neal Weinberg is a freelance technology writer and editor. He can be reached at Hackers have used some strange ways to break into networks or commit fraud. Not all are clever or smart. Hackers are determined, persistent, clever, adaptable, stealthy and merciless. They will exploit any tragedy, even…
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 21 – Chatting with Connie Mastovich, Senior Security Analyst

Reclamere Senior Security Analyst Connie Mastovich is Joe’s guest on this episode of Data Security Over Coffee.
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