Understanding the Deep Web and Dark Web

Did you know when you search the web, you’re only scratching the surface? Below that is an encrypted network where both legitimate and illegal activities take place. It’s the biggest portion of the internet you don’t know about. In this blog, we discuss what you need to understand about the deep web and dark web.…
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What to Do after a Data Breach

Hackers exploit weak access controls, technical vulnerabilities, and negligence to gain access to sensitive corporate data. That’s why having a proactive security approach for your business is critical. But what happens if data is stolen and compromised despite all your efforts? In this blog, we discuss what steps to take after a data breach. 1.…
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Security Tip: Sending External Links in Emails

If you are going to send an external email that includes a link to a website, here are the steps to follow to ensure you are sending a secure link to your recipients: Please be sure that you check and know—without a doubt—that the website and the URL you’re sending is legitimate and safe. Provide…
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Security Tip: New Phishing Scams using GDPR and Royal Wedding

Be on the lookout for a new Apple-flavored email phishing Scam of the Week. New European data privacy regulation is going into effect this week. It’s called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and bad guys are using it as bait in a variety of ways. This scam looks like it is from Apple and claims…
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Why Your Company Needs a Virtual Chief Security Officer

Today’s world is rife with an expanding list of information security threats. That’s why businesses of all sizes need high-level security support. But what if your company doesn’t have the in-house expertise and resources required for dealing with security risks? In this blog we discuss how having a Virtual Chief Security Officer (CSO) can help.…
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