MS360: What it can do for you and your company

One of the most exciting occasions in a business environment is when it is time to roll out new equipment. All of the budgeting discussions, explanations, vendor choosing, and preparations are finally done, and everyone is feeling the anticipation. The new machines are on their way! The end users are going to be thrilled with their newer, faster workstations! The IT staff is enthusiastic about their new servers! Life is good!

But then reality sets it, and your staff, already strapped for time, is staring at a monstrous stack of boxes that need to be warehoused, unpacked, organized, recorded, imaged, deployed, and on and on and on. The realization that your resources are insufficient for this task quickly takes the wind of everyone’s sails as you begin to wonder how on earth this is going to happen.

If only there was a service, offered by a reputable company, where qualified staff would come to your location and take on this daunting task. Someone who could unpack, record, image, and deploy the new machines, and bring the old equipment back. What if this same reputable company also offered certified destruction, so that the equipment being replaced would then be have all data completely wiped and the machines destroyed or repurposed? All of your problems would be solved!

The new MS360 service offered by Reclamere does just that. I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that provided MS360 services to a financial services client, and I can tell you that they were absolutely thrilled. So much so, in fact, that they have since retained Reclamere for a second engagement as well as ongoing destruction arrangements. The relief that this IT staff felt when we showed up and took over the deployment tasks was palpable. The excitement was back, the end users were happy, and we left the client site to handshakes and copious expressions of gratitude.

The challenges of resource allocation are many. There never seems to be enough people or enough time to complete day-to-day tasks, let alone a major upgrade to your systems that includes new equipment of any kind. Don’t let these challenges overwhelm your IT staff and keep them from accomplishing daily tasks. Reclamere is the trusted partner that will take the worries out of your next deployment project and allow your IT staff to stay on track.

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