Reclamere Announces Earth Day Efforts

Leader in IT Asset Disposal Gives Tips for Safely & Securely Handling eWaste and Offers Incentives for Companies to Comply

TYRONE, PA (April 22, 2016) – Reclamere, the company that positions businesses to implement secure data processes in the workplace, and safely and securely dispose of their IT assets is celebrating Earth Day 2016 with several initiatives designed to help organizations save the planet by properly planning for disposal and safe recycling of eWaste.

Throughout April, Reclamere is recognizing Earth Day Enthusiasts on the company’s website, and on its Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel for their ongoing efforts in disposing and recycling end of life computers, servers and other data electronics equipment properly.

Reclamere is also offering 10% off of services for 3 months to new subscription clients who sign up in the month of April.

Additionally, Reclamere’s blog has key tips for organizations to keep in mind as they plan for environmentally sound eWaste disposal:

  • Before destroying any electronic device be certain that all data has been thoroughly wiped with no recoverable remnants remaining.
  • Make sure documentation is provided detailing the secure handling of every device at each step of the process.
  • Use a vendor that is environmentally conscious and has an R2 certification which is the leading standard for electronics repair and recycling.

“The damage that can be wrought on the environment from electronic waste (e-waste) that is not handled properly is multi-faceted and can manifest in health risks and an accumulation of toxic by-products in our soil, water, and air,” said Angie Singer Keating, Reclamere’s CEO and nationally recognized data security expert. “Reclamere is here to be part of the solution as we help organizations across the nation properly and securely dispose of their eWaste.”

For more information on Reclamere’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) services, visit our ITAM services page.

About Reclamere

Reclamere, Inc. is a data security company that offers 360 degree data security and breach prevention, and a full range of data destruction services to its clients many of whom are in highly regulated sectors including healthcare and finance. Founded in 2001, Reclamere provides client-focused, environmentally compliant management solutions for end-of-life computer equipment and data destruction services. As an industry leader, Reclamere is known for its robust data security assessments, expert consulting capabilities, and proprietary data breach prevention processes. Reclamere guarantees protection of its clients’ sensitive information against data breaches and data theft. Reclamere also works with clients on-site at their locations throughout the U.S. For more information, visit

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