Security Tip: Airplane Crash Scam Warning

Be on the lookout for emails in your inbox from “analysts” about the recent Boeing 737 Max airplane crashes, asking you to notify your loved ones about possible other airlines “that will go down soon”. These emails come with infected attachments that might make it through the filters, either at the office or at your…
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Vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi Light Bulbs – Hype or Opportunity?

Recently, a series of vulnerabilities in a brand of Wi-Fi lightbulb were reported.  I lean on the skeptical side of such stories as they are sometimes over-hyped to stoke fear and draw clicks. Fear and clicks lead to sales, so follow the money. In this case, the hype is real in certain situations and the…
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Important Questions to Ask a Data Destruction Provider

Many corporate data breaches result from negligent data disposal practices. The only way to prevent your company’s proprietary information, customer or patient data, and employee information from falling into the wrong hands, is to have a secure and comprehensive data destruction process in place. In this blog, we offer several important questions to ask a…
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Data Security Tips for National Cybersecurity Month

Cubed background in different sizes and blue colors aligning to a row of glowing information security icons surrounding the word cybersecurity 3D illustration
October is National Cybersecurity Month, an annual initiative for fostering cybersecurity awareness among consumers, businesses, and communities. In that spirit, here are several tips for keeping your data and devices safe: Tip 1: Be Proactive A proactive cybersecurity approach is one of the most effective ways to prevent data breaches. Since vulnerabilities are often overlooked…
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Who’s Responsible for Managing Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

Today’s news is full of reports about cybersecurity breaches. Large, corporate data breaches get the big headlines, but this doesn’t mean small businesses aren’t at risk. Hackers don’t discriminate based on the size of an organization. Who’s responsible for managing your company’s cybersecurity? In this blog, we offer tips for managing evolving threats. Knowing the…
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