What Does the End of “Extended Support” for Windows 7 Mean for My Home and Office?

There are options available to keep your current operating system without serious security risks, but they may be more expensive than upgrading. On 22 October 2019, the Windows 7 operating system celebrated its tenth birthday. Originally released in 2009, over the course of its ten-year life Windows 7 became the most widely adopted modern operating…
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When Your Vendor is a Big Dog Who Exits the Industry – What Now?

Recently there has been massive upheaval in the IT Asset Management Industry. Executives of one company were sentenced to prison for illegal exports of e-waste. Another very large company, Arrow, just days ago has left the industry completely. After going on an acquisitions frenzy in 2014 where they consolidated about a half dozen of the…
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Viral Doesn’t Equal Valid

The recent “Momo Challenge” and the “Blue Whale Challenge” as referenced in this article, have brought to light a disturbing trend in the age of social media. That is, the wide variety of stories, trends, etc., that “go viral.” The great thing about social media is if you want to share information, it is very…
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A Wake-up Call: Class Action Lawsuits for Data Breaches

Article Written by Renee H. Martin – Partner at Dilworth Paxson LLP and Joseph Harford – Founder and President of Reclamere, Inc. It seems that each day we all read about another data breach: Houzz, Dunkin’ Donuts, Advent health, and others. The concern for executives is not the “if” of a breach but the “when”…
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Security Tip: Airplane Crash Scam Warning

Be on the lookout for emails in your inbox from “analysts” about the recent Boeing 737 Max airplane crashes, asking you to notify your loved ones about possible other airlines “that will go down soon”. These emails come with infected attachments that might make it through the filters, either at the office or at your…
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