FTC Safeguard Rule Updates — Dealerships, We Are Here to Help

Regardless of your business or industry, consumer data protection should be high on your list for 2023. If you are dealing with consumer information, your industry will come under fire. Auto dealerships are currently facing this challenge which goes into effect on December 9th as part of the FTC’s updated 2003 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Safeguards Rules.…
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How a Managed Security Service Provider Can Simplify Budgeting for Small Businesses

Do you find budgeting for IT challenging? If so, you aren’t alone. While the IT budgeting process can be tricky for small businesses, it can be especially difficult for those trying to do it all by themselves. With so many aspects to consider, such as routine/ongoing IT services, projects, refreshes and accidents/incidents, it can be…
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Tech Budgeting 101 for Small Businesses

With the new year around the corner, now is an excellent time to review your organization’s budget to ensure your business has the resources it needs to continue to grow and prosper in the coming year. It’s important to understand that in today’s highly digitized environment, technology shouldn’t be an afterthought. You need to have…
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MSSP Partners Are Leading the Charge

We are now living and thriving in a business world turned upside down by COVID. The role of IT leaders was perhaps the most affected role throughout industry. There is a vast amount of data coming from global surveys and research to support decision-making when it comes to the need for new roles and new…
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4 Employee Cyberthreat Traits

To succeed in today’s modern competitive business landscape, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This will equip you to identify areas where employees may need further training, including cybersecurity awareness. Are you sure that your employees can resist threats and prevent cyberattacks? Certain employee traits can indicate a lack of…
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