Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk: Your Employees

Cybercriminals work round the clock to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your business’ network for nefarious gains. The only way to counter these hackers is by deploying a robust cybersecurity posture that’s built using comprehensive security solutions. However, while you’re caught up doing this, there is a possibility you may overlook mitigating the weakest link…
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Data Security Over Coffee, Ep. 23 – Password Protection, Vacation Mode & More

Join CEO Angie Singer Keating and President Joe Harford as they discuss password protection, vacation mode and more!  
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Regulations and Standards Governing Your Supply Chain Management Obligations

Irrespective of the size of your supply chain, you must ensure that it isn’t the reason your business is non-compliant with the necessary regulations and standards. Yes, it involves a great deal of continued effort, but it’s worth it. If your business is found to be non-compliant due to compliance risks lurking within your supply…
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Do All Your Employees Back-up, How Do They Back-Up, and Why Should You Care?

Yes, we’ve been addressing the new risks associated with remote employees, probably ad-nauseam. Still, as we approach World Backup Day on March 31st, we can’t help but remind you that having a backup policy for your remote employees, well, all your employees, is an essential part of your IT Asset Management plan.  Backing up your…
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Recommended Best Practices for a Secure Supply Chain

Your business’ cybersecurity posture must prioritize detection, evaluation and mitigation of risks posed by your supply chain. It is vital that your security is upgraded on a regular basis to better prepare for any worst-case scenarios. Having said that, it should come as no surprise that a vulnerable third party that your organization deals with…
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