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What Defines ‘Reasonable’ Security Measures?

Plenty of sensitive client data does not fall under federally legislated standards. So how do you know if you’re taking reasonable security actions? Here’s where to go to find out.
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What’s Missing in Securing the Healthcare Environment?

( – According to recent reports, the number of patient record breaches in June 2016 topped 11 million. Not only is the number mindboggling, it shines a bright light on the existing level of vulnerability within the industry. The problem is that the security infrastructure is simply inadequate in too many healthcare settings, explains Chi Networks CEO Sanjiv…
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House Manufacturing Caucus Tours Blair County Plants

TYRONE, PA (August 31, 2016) – Continuing their advocacy efforts on behalf of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector, Rep. Eli Evankovich (R-Westmoreland/Allegheny) and other members of the House Legislative Manufacturing Caucus, toured two plants in Blair County last week. Evankovich is co-chairman of the bipartisan caucus, which has more than 100 members. The visits were hosted by Rep.…
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Reclamere Takes Leadership Role in NAID CSDS Program

Information Destruction Experts to Chair Industry Certification Program
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Reclamere Launches MS360, Full Spectrum IT Equipment Provisioning, Retirement & Reporting Services

New Offering Meets Increasing Market Demand for Secure Deployment Solutions
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